Men facing the challenges of middle age start to lose muscle quicker, tend to have issues with their flexibility and have a higher risk of pain in their joints and spine. Sedentary lifestyle, poor movement patterns and normal wear and tear all come together to take their toll.

The beauty of wellness disciplines is that they provide sedentary people with an excellent gateway activity to a healthier future. Additionally those currently training will benefit from added recovery, flexibility, stability and focus.

Five reasons for practicing a wellness discipline:

1.Reconnecting you with your breath

Breathing sub optimally is so common that it’s the norm. Deep breathing helps us tap into the para sympathetic nervous system, when this system is operational we are:

* Reducing stress on the internal organs

* More focused on healing and reducing inflammation

* More focused on maintenance and digestion.

 2. Keeps joints supple

The data on the loss of range of motion as we age is not pretty, prolonged sitting, lack of movement results in an average person losing 8-10 cm in lower back flexibility over a life time. Pain and stiffness is strongly associated with this debilitating outcome.

* Less likely to be in pain

* Less risk of injury

* More likely to stay active

3. Builds strong balance
As we age we most tend to push ourselves less and less which weakens our legs and weakens our spatial awareness. Reducing the likelihood of injuries from falling is important for everyone but especially true for us as we age.

* Less risk of injury

* More confidence

* Transferable skill for other activities

4. Strengthens hips and shoulders
The two biggest structures in the body need attention, so much off our musculature is used to control these area of the body. If we can master these areas we can ensure a strong posture that will:

* Protect the spine

* Facilitate a more youthful and confident appearance

* Prevents injuries due to poor posture

5. Helps build focus
The ability to hold ones attention is priceless especially in a world now dominated by chaotic distraction. Those athletes, great artists and thinkers that shape this world are blessed with vision and focus allowing them to complete great deeds.

* Is necessary for high performance

* Allows ability to focus on tasks for long periods

* Improves ability to ignore distractions